We power your business with our machines

We power your business with our machines

Our machines - quality in each element

We provide our clients with packaging machines that produce bags, film, shoppers and winders. All solutions in the field of flexible packaging production.

Why should you start cooperating with us?


  • rovi packaging logo
    "Since 2005 we have had Vega Plus 1200 from Mamata. It is a very robust machine, still producing bags. Mamata, after so many years, continues to supply us with spare parts or accessories." rovi packaging logo
    Customizable and eco-friendly bags
    Rovi Packaging Spain
  • plasticos soriano logo
    "In 2022 we installed 2 Mamata machines: Vega 750 Plus side sealing and Win 1400 bottom sealing. We have significantly increased our production capacity and we recommend Mamata as a supplier of robust machines at reasonable prices." plasticos soriano logo
    Manufacturer of compostable cover boxes and bags
    Plásticos Soriano Spain
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    "We bought a Mamata Model Vega 1000 S machine in 2019. It is very versatile and making quick changes of different accessories is perfect for varied production series." zoloplast logo
    Comprehensive production services
    Zoloplast Spain
  • MM logo
    "As one of the biggest producers of the bags type doypack in Europe, we must be sure that our machines are being kept in good condition. That is why it is very important for us to have local support, and Prema provides such support." MM logo
    Producer of flexible packaging with print
    Moderno Mundo Poland
  • folplast logo
    "We bought our first machine from Prema in 2005. It was bag maker Mamata Vega 800 S, which till this day runs on our production. Since that time we got two more Mamatas, extruders from Kung Hsing and gravimetric blenders from Doteco. We work continuously (24 hours mode) to ensure the fastest possible delivery to our customers. That's why assistance in the event of a breakdown and the purchase of consumable parts are very important to us - Prema supports us in both of these situations." folplast logo
    Manufacturer of plastic packaging
    FOL-PLAST Zawadka Sp. z o.o. Sp. k
  • artek logo
    "Since 1999 Artek has been dynamically developing on the market of converting and extrusion. We cooperate with Prema, which supplies our production into extruders from Kung Hsing and gravimetric dosing from Doteco" artek logo
    Manufacturer of foil packaging
    Artek Poland
  • logo polypak
    Since 2002 we have been manufacturing biodegradable and plastic packaging certified to international quality standards to supply the EU market. Prema helped us find the right equipment for converting (Mamata, Roll-o-Matic) and extruding (Kung Hsing) bio material. As we are constantly developing, expanding in EU markets, we are pleased to say that Prema's technical and commercial support allows us to do so. logo polypak
    Manufacturer of bags, sacks, aprons BIO&PE
    Polypak Czech Republic

Our projects

Zoloplast is a manufacturer of plastic bags in Valencia – Spain. They have a catalog with more than 1000 product references and the possibility of customizing them according to the clients needs. Zoloplast ordered their first Mamata line in 2019 - model Vega 1000 S for production of bags with zipper.


In May this year, together with a team of engineers from Kung Hsing, we installed the second 3-layer ABC extruder in the company AG-PAK.

Ag-pak has been supplying the market with high-quality polyethylene foil for heat shrinking, lamination and Easy Peel effect since 1999.

The first machine was purchased by Ag-pak in 2014, and in 2015 it officially started production.

This year, line number 2 arrived and has been operating at full capacity since May.

Both extruders are equipped with gravimetric dosing from Doteco.

Plásticos Soriano was founded in 1960. Their specialization is production of film packaging- bags, sacks as well as bags and covers for boxes from bio material. In 1980, the first flexography printer was installed in the company, offering customers of Plásticos Soriano an even greater range of packaging products.

Starting in 2010, the company began its export activity, opening to new international markets. Today, Plásticos Soriano is a well-consolidated company prepared to satisfy the needs of its clients and immersed in continuous improvement in the performance of all activities carried out in the company.

We do not hide the fact that Prema and Mamata became part of the company's development when, in 2021, Plásticos Soriano purchased as many as two machines from Mamata Machinery to further expand the scope of its services.

At their production there is a line Vega 750 Plus for side seal bags production, and Win 1400 for production of big bags with bottom seal.


After the Plastpol 2022 fair in Kielce, the first machinery exhibition after the pandemic, another Mamata bag maker arrived at Fol-plast company in Pilawa.

The Win 1400 machine is one of Mamata's newer models, a machine for producing bags with a bottom seal and a calendar bag function.

Our partners

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