Our history starts in 1991 in Denmark, when Jacky Frisoni was hired by Roll-o-Matic as sales manager responsible for Southern and Eastern Europe and North Africa.

After 13 years of work in Denmark, Jacky decided to open his own company in France in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, to be closer to his first market. Company Prema was created in 2003 and offered machines of Roll-o-Matic to customers in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Since that time we have expanded our product offer by extruders from Kung Hsing (Taiwan), and bag makers from Mamata Machinery (India). In 2004, our first open house took place in France, where we showed a bag maker from Mamata and Kung Hsing extruder. After this showroom, we installed a bag maker from Mamata Vega 800 S for side seal bags production in the north of France and Wicketer bag maker in Sainte-Sigolène. And our first extruders of Kung Hsing were also installed in Sainte-Sigolène.

At the same time, we participated in various fairs in Eastern Europe. We had a stand in Poland at Taropak expo and at Ukrainian expo Upakovka. In 2009 Prema opened the office in Poland. Our Polish office takes care also of the customers from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine. With the development of the market, in 2010 Prema became an agent of Pearl Technologies from the USA, which is a leading supplier of punches, knives, additional equipment for extrusion and converting, such as solutions for bag makers of Mamata. During the Plastpol expo in Kielce, Kung Hsing introduced us to the company Doteco from Italy, that is producing gravimetric dosing systems. Since 2011 we have represented Doteco on the Polish market. During the pandemic, we established cooperation with GA.VO Meccanica from Italy - this family company is a specialist in the production of core cutters with a wide range of options, from semi-automatic machines to fully automatic core cutting lines.

Today, Prema is a group of energetic people with different and complementary experiences who offer creative solutions in an ever-changing world. We work with our partners and our customers to jointly respond to the challenges of tomorrow. We always try to do our best.We help you choose the right equipment. Together with you, we inspect machines manufactured in our suppliers' factories (in India, Denmark or Taiwan), and then help in organizing transport and installation of machines. We help you order spare parts and contact the technical department. We speak local languages to facilitate communication on your behalf. We want you to be satisfied with your choice of equipment. Your success is our success.

The evolution of our logo

The Prema logo was first designed in 2003 and then updated by renowned Ukrainian graphic designer Oleksandr Zubar to mark the internationalization of Prema from prema.fr to prema.eu.

The logo shows a globe-shaped painting palette with individual colors mixed together. In Sanskrit, the word PREMA means love, affection and kindness.